Our boat

Wairiri means “angry waters” in Maori. We think she was built tough enough to deal with ‘angry waters’, but it’s certainly not an issue for her now!

She was originally a fishing boat built in Invercargill in 1964. Her double diagonal construction, makes her very strong and her twin engines help her maneuverability and reliability.

Tony spent a year renovating and restoring her, so that you can enjoy a ride that is comfortable and close to the action.

The Foredeck
The foredeck has ample space for more than 15 people, and you are close to the waterline and all the animals.

Top viewing deck
More than 12 people can get an upstairs perspective from here.

Wheel house & seating
This is where you’ll find Tony driving the boat–and there is seating for six people.

The Saloon
This space has a table and seating for around 10 people.

The Back Deck
This is a good place to do some fishing. Our boat also has a toilet on board and more seating below deck.